​​Friends of Possibilities

About our Fundraiser

Our son, Eric was diagnosed on October 9, 2009.  That day changed our lives forever.  In November 2011 we were introduced to a local family through our support group that told us about Camp Possibilities and how it was OK to let Eric go for a week and be away from us for a week.  We looked into the Camp and although we were excited about the opportunity we were devastated when we found out the cost being over $1000 for 5 nights.  We asked for suggestions about assistant for the cost and fund raising was suggested.

Knowing our own financial situation we knew there were other families in the same place.  We decided that if we help our son we could help others.  In less than twelve weeks, our first fundraiser was pulled together.  On a very cold rainy night  we raised close to $3000.00 the first year with Our first Spaghetti Dinner and Ticket Drop Auction. Since that first dinner, we have been able to raise approximately $51,000 for the camp.

Thanks to our great family, friends  and our local community that have rallied around this incredible cause the Rimel's Spaghetti Dinner has become Spaghetti for Possibilities and an annual event in Ocean City, Maryland.